Digitizing Africa's — Education Systems

We envision where every school in Africa has all of its academic; non academic activities and processes digitized.

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Some of our Amazing Features

Academic Bridge has a multitude of features and modules to ensure all relevant activities and processes in schools are digitized. Here is a snapshot highlight of some of our features :


Software As Service provided as a ‘school information management system’ with a tripartite user base of Teachers/Schools’ admins, Parents/Guardians and Students.

  • Teachers only focus on teaching while everything else is digitized seamlessly
  • Schools’ Admins are able to access every recorded data with analytics at their fingertips
  • Students access learning materials and do some quizzes and assignments on the platform
  • Parents can monitor their children’s performance live and communicate with schools


Over 7 years, our accumulated impact has been invaluable.

  • Reducing admin cost
    Improving efficiency of operations and facilitate school fee payments
  • Engaging parents
    Through instant messaging and continuous updates, parents can follow up with their children, without being present
  • Increased performance
    As a key benefit from parent engagement, students gradually improve their academic performance and less drop out.
  • Data provider for institutes
    Making education related data useful and accessible, enabling data based decision making
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Academic Bridge is available to all types of schools from Nursery to Higher learning institutions. You can sign up from Here . Once your request is received, we organize a demo on how Academic Bridge works (features) and we understand your school specific needs.

Academic Bridge offers various flexible payment plans to schools that are tailored to specific schools needs and requirements. Since schools have distinguished needs and requirements based on their nature (public, private, internationals and levels[nursery, primary,secondary, university], country..), the price differs. Need to know your ideal price for your school? Reach out to us via info@academicbridge.xyz to provide you with a quotation that best suits your school needs and requirements.

Academic Bridge is not an institution that provides scholarships to students. Neither does it help people study abroad. We are a tech company that works with schools by providing an information management system.

No. Academic Bridge does not offer courses but schools working with Academic Bridge have access to Academic Bridge e-learning platform where teachers can provide learning materials and give assignments to students with options of automarking/autograding and providing feedback to assignments/quizzes...Access to this feature is given by the school to its students.

You need registration number ( usually you will find it on your report card ) and school activation code ( provided by your school ).